Anglia Sailplanes Spares

Brunswick (Total Energy) Tubes

Tail Wheel Mod Kits (200×50 and smaller)

Wingtip Wheel Mod Kits

Butyrate Dopes and Thinners, Aluminium & Colours Available

Aircraft Cables, Made In-Situ Where Necessary

Tail Skid Parts for Ka6, Darts and Skylarks

Nitrate Dopes and Thinners.

Epoxy Resins/Polyester Resins and Gel Coats.

Paints of Various Types

Fabrics and Tapes

GL1 Birch Plywood

Aerodux Glues, now known as Prefere

Various Hardware Items – BSF/UNF nuts and bolts, Clevis and Split Pins, Washers etc

Tyres and Inner Tubes

Tost Wheels, Release Units and other components

Limbach Flugmotoren

We supply all spare parts for Limbach engines, please quote your engine type and serial number when ordering parts from us

We also carry out maintenance and overhauls on these engines

Under it’s new management Limbach is now a thriving business again. Spare parts are readily available.

Jaxida Covers

We have recently been made agents for the German firm Jaxida Covers in this country.

They supply substantial all weather covers for the protection of your glider or light aircraft. With the added bonus that due to the material used, any small movements of the covers will gently polish your aircraft’s paintwork!!

Covers are a must for any glider or light aircraft kept outside for any length of time to keep bugs, birds and our British weather off of your aircraft.

They make flying your glider during the summer months much more convenient, why de-rig your glider every night just to come and put it back together again the next day? Leaving your glider covered and picketed is much cheaper than renting a T hangar!

We can also provide carefully made bags for all your flying essentials such as winglets or wingtips, loggers, GPSs and wing pins.

Please check out their website for a full list of items available and email me with your order!